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Office of Allowances (A/OPR/ALS)

Director: Robert L. Kingman

Standardized Regulations, Interpretation:   AllowancesO@state.gov


  • Cassie Y. Washington, Team Supervisor; Michelle E. Spinner, Team Leader 
    Africa (AF), Central Asia (CA), Eastern Europe (E-EUR), and Western Hemisphere (WHA) 
  • Sam M. Bebee, Team Supervisor; Bonita A. Davis, Team Leader
    East Asia and Pacific (EAP), Western Europe (W-EUR),  Near East (NEA) and South Asia (SA)

  • Marco N. Cuniberti
    Interagency liaison, regulations development and publication 


    Questions and requests can also be addressed to:
       Office of Allowances
       Room L314, SA-1
       Bureau of Administration
       U.S. Department of State
       Washington, DC 20522-0103
       Phone (202) 663-1121
       FAX: (202) 261-8707; (202) 261-8708