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Foreign Per Diem Rates In U.S. Dollars

Publication Date: 05/01/2015

Previous Rates: 

Country Name Post Name Season Begin Season End Maximum Lodging Rate M & IE Rate Maximum Per Diem Rate Footnote Effective Date
SAUDI ARABIADhahran Area01/0112/31260176436View02/01/2015
SAUDI ARABIAEskan01/0112/318043123View11/01/2014
SAUDI ARABIAJeddah01/0112/31347163510View01/01/2015
SAUDI ARABIAMedina06/0109/3016993262View03/01/2005
SAUDI ARABIAMedina10/0105/3110086186View03/01/2005
SAUDI ARABIAOther01/0112/31347163510View01/01/2015
SAUDI ARABIARiyadh01/0112/31359126485View03/01/2012
SAUDI ARABIATaif06/0109/3013389222View03/01/2005
SAUDI ARABIATaif10/0105/3111187198View03/01/2005