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Department of State Standardized Regulations - (Last updated 10/23/2003) 



551 Full Time and Temporary Employees


Payments of hardship differential to full time employees and employees appointed for temporary periods (Sections 031.3 and 031.4) shall be at the percentage of basic compensation prescribed in Section 920.


552 Ceiling on Payments


These regulations do not impose any ceiling on the payment of hardship differentials. Agencies should note that hardship differential plus salary plus other benefits are subject to statutory pay caps, such as the aggregate pay cap. (eff.1/23/05)


553 Payment After Absence (eff. 10/23/03, TL:SR 631)


Payment of hardship differential following a period of absence from the post may be made after the employee's return to post or arrival at a new post.  The head of agency may require the employee to submit a certified statement showing the dates and time of arrival at, and departure from, each place on his/her itinerary.