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Department of State Standardized Regulations - (Last updated 06/02/2013) 




616 Eligibility


An employee may be paid in advance of the normal pay day when, in the opinion of the authorizing officer, payment is required to help defray the immediate expenses incident to an evacuation of an employee and/or dependents.


617 Amount of Advance Payment


The advance payment shall be based on the rate of compensation including any allowances or post differential to which an employee was entitled immediately prior to the issuance of the evacuation order.  The amount of the advance payment is the monetary amount covering a period not to exceed 30 days or a lesser number of days as determined appropriate by the authorizing officer.


617.1 Computation of Advance Payment


(a) For full time and regular part time employees, the amount of advance payment shall  be computed on the basis of the number of regularly scheduled workdays that will occur during the period as determined under Section 617.


(b) For intermittent employees, the amount of advance payment shall    be computed  on the basis of the number of days on which the employee would be expected to work during the period as determined under      Section 617.  The number of days shall be determined whenever         possible by approximating the number of days per week normally worked by the employee during an average six-week period.


617.2 Payment (Interim eff. 4/5/2013; final eff. 6/2/2013 with
TL:SR 813)

*(a) The advance payment may be made to the employee or a designated representative.  Payments to anyone other than the employee should be made only pursuant to prior written authorization by the employee, wherever possible.  Where circumstances do not permit prior written authorization, the payment may be made and the employee should then confirm such payment by preparation and submission to the safehaven post, or appropriate management office, of an allotment or assignment of pay form, immediately following departure of dependents.  If the employee is evacuated or authorized to depart, the employee shall submit the written authorization upon arrival at the safehaven post.


(b) The advance payment may be made at any time after the evacuation order is given, but not later than the expiration of 30 days after    the evacuation has been effected.


617.3 Payment Procedures


Payment of an advance payment and any required adjustment thereof     will be made in accordance with procedures approved by the head of agency.


618 Recovery


618.1 General Requirements


After an employee's account is reviewed as required by Section 638 of these regulations, and if it is found that the employee is indebted     for any part of an advance payment made, recovery of the indebtedness will be effected by the payroll office having jurisdiction over the employee's account unless a waiver of recovery has been approved.  Repayment of the indebtedness shall be made either in full or in partial payments as agreed upon by the payroll officer and the employee.


618.2 Waiver of Recovery


Recovery of indebtedness for an advance payment shall not be required when it is determined by the head of agency that the recovery would   be against equity and good conscience or against the public interest  in accordance with agency procedures.


619 Not currently used