U.S. Department of State

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2Effective 6/16/02, Federal civilian employees detailed 4 or more cumulative hours in one day may be granted the danger pay allowance under Chapter 650 of the Standardized Regulations (GC, FA). See list of locations authorized for danger pay. (see Footnote p)
19For those individuals TDY/PCS or deployed, in support of contingency operations, whose billeting and meals are provided by the USG, the per diem rate for incidentals expenses is $7.00 per day. For those individuals whose billeting and meals are not provided by the USG and are authorized full per diem, the normal locality incidental expense rate is authorized. The maximum per diem rates that apply to travelers authorized to use local hotels and/or restaurants are: Lodging $102, M&IE $100 for Kabul; Lodging $99, M&IE $40 for Herat and Lodging $51, M&IE $50 for Other, Afghanistan.