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Office of Allowances

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Consumables Shipments (Also see 14 FAM 613.6)

2. Danger Pay (Also see DSSR Chapter 650

a. Summer 2015--Changes in Administration of Danger Pay 


3. Education Allowance (Also seDSSR Chapter 270)

a. Education Supplementary Instruction (Also see DSSR Chapter 276.9

b. Education Home Study, Private Instruction and Virtual Schooling (Also see DSSR Chapter 277.3

c. Educational Travel (includes Q&As on combining Educational Travel & R&R) (Also see DSSR Chapter 280 and 3 FAM 3720
d. Special Needs Education Allowance (MED) (Also see DSSR Chapter 276.8)


4. Evacuation Payments (Also see DSSR Chapter 600)  

5. Foreign Transfer Allowance (Also see DSSR Chapter 240

6. Home Service Transfer Allowance (Also see DSSR Chapter 250)

7. Living Quarters Allowance (Also see DSSR Chapter 130)

8. Official Residence Expense (ORE) Allowance (Also see DSSR Chapter 400 and general guidance contained in 03 STATE 317659). 

9. Per Diem (See Federal Travel Regulations 301 and 14 FAM 570)

10. Post (Cost of Living) Allowance
(Also see DSSR Chapter 220

11. Post Hardship Differential (Also see DSSR Chapter 500

a. Summer 2015--Changes in Administration of Post Hardship Differential

b. Allowances in Footnote 'n' Countries (Also see DSSR Chapter 500


12. Representation Allowances (Also see DSSR Chapter 300)

13. Separate Maintenance Allowance (SMA) (Also see DSSR Chapter 260)

a. Involuntary Separate Maintenance Allowance (ISMA) (Also see DSSR Chapter 260
b. Transitional Separate Maintenance Allowance (TSMA) (Also see DSSR Chapter 260)

14. Service Need Differential
 (Difficult to Staff Incentive Differential) (Also see DSSR Chapter 1000)