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Difficult to Staff Incentive Differential (also known as Service Need Differential)

Difficult-to-Staff Incentive Differential (DTSID) is also known as Service Need Differential (SND):
This differential is paid to an employee assigned to a post with a Post Hardship Differential rate of 5% or higher, after an agency has determined that especially adverse conditions of environment warrant additional pay as a recruitment and retention incentive to fill the employee's position at that post. The DTSID/SND is a percentage of basic compensation (up to 15%). Check with your agency representative for more information because each agency develops unique procedures to implement this differential (or may choose not to implement it). Note that DTSID/SND and Danger Pay compensation together may not equal more than 35% of an employee's basic compensation. General guidance can be found in DSSR 1000.

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Service Needs Differential Posts

Service Needs Differential (SND) Program 
SOP B-22


 - Service Need Differential (Difficult to Staff Incentive Differential)

Foreign Service Assignment Notebook

 is the main point of contact for the questions related to SND for the Department of State

For other agencies, please contact your Personnel/Human Resources Office