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Living Quarters Allowance (LQA): This allowance is granted to an employee to help defray the annual cost of suitable, adequate living quarters for the employee and his/her family at a foreign post where government-leased or -owned housing is not provided. The LQA rates are designed to substantially cover the average employee's costs for rent, utilities, required taxes levied by the local government, and other allowable expenses. Living quarters allowance rates are categorized by "quarters groups" based on the employee's grade level or rank and his/her family size. Additional amounts of up to 10%, 20%, or 30% above the LQA rates may be allowed for larger families. For further information on LQA see DSSR 
130. DSSR 136 contains guidance for employees occupying personally-owned quarters.


DS-7604 (05/2006) - Living Quarters Summary Expenditure Report
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DS-0130 (04/2015) - LQA Annual/Interim Expenditures Worksheet (Intranet ONLY)
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