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Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA)
: The purpose of TQSA is to assist with temporary lodging, meals, laundry and dry cleaning in a foreign area when an employee first arrives at a new post and permanent quarters are not yet available, or when an employee is getting ready to depart the foreign post permanently and must vacate residential quarters. An employee cannot receive the post (cost-of-living) allowance when receiving the TQSA. An employee may receive TQSA and Living Quarters Allowance at the same time when departing post only with agency permission for unusual circumstances described at DSSR 124.1 and DSSR 132.41a. For further information on TQSA, please refer to DSSR 120.


 (07/2009) - Foreign Allowances Application, Grant and Report

 (03/2015) - TQSA Worksheet 
*Worksheet for Employee to process TQSA claim

TQSA Estimator

*Calculate the amount of TQSA allowance


Foreign Service Assignment Notebook

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Need to submit a TQSA claim? See PCS Travel Claim Center (State Intranet ONLY)

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