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The Office of Allowances (ALS) determines eligibility for a Consumables Shipment based on information contained in the Consumables Survey (DS-0267A) submitted by foreign posts as well as other criteria.  A post requiring a consumables shipment is one at which conditions make it difficult to obtain locally the consumables required by employees and their eligible family members.  Consumables are referred to as expendable personal property because they are used up as opposed to wearing out. 

The three categories of consumables are:
  Foodstuff; Personal Maintenance; and Household Maintenance.  Consumables do not include items to maintain an automobile or other machinery.  Once a post is designated for a consumables shipment an authorizing officer shall authorize a separate weight allowance for the shipment of consumables, in addition to the Household Effects(HHE)/Household Goods (HHG) weight allowance. 

Consumables shipments are authorized within the Department of State by the Bureau of Global Talent Management, Office of Career Development and Assignments (GTM/CDA) in an employee's Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Travel Orders if the employee is being assigned to a post which ALS has designated as one where conditions make it difficult to obtain locally the food/toiletries/household consumables required by employees and their eligible family members.

To see a list of those posts which are currently authorized consumables shipments, click on the link below. 

To justify continuation of consumables shipments, posts are required to submit a Post Consumables Survey (DS-0267A) every two years according to the reporting requirement in DSSR 920 (Allowances by Location) under the Post Hardship Differential column.  If the availability of goods changes significantly, a post can submit a voluntary survey at any time. The DS-0267A Post Consumables Survey should be submitted via eAllowances (Intranet ONLY). Regulations relating to consumables shipments can be found in
14 FAM 613.6. 


Note: All posts are required to submit Consumables surveys via eAllowances (Intranet ONLY).

(08/2019) - Post Consumables Survey (myData version/Intranet ONLY)
*Form tocomplete Post Consumables survey


List of Consumables Posts



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