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1. Q: How often are per diem rates published?

2. Q: How often are per diem rates reviewed to reflect exchange rate changes? 

The Office of Allowances issues updated per diem rates once a month, effective the first of each month.

2. Q: How often are per diem rates reviewed to reflect exchange rate changes?

A: All per diem rates denominated in a foreign currency are reviewed monthly for the impact of exchange rate fluctuations.

3. Q: When will a new per diem survey take effect?

A: In order to analyze and publish new per diem rates, post must submit surveys via eAllowances prior to the 20th of the month (opening of business Washington, D.C. time). If the 20th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, post must submit surveys by open of business on the last Washington working day before the 20th

4. Q: How often should post review per diem rates?

A:Office of Allowances recommends that posts check the rates at least once a year. 

5. Q: There is an upcoming POTUS visits, summit, major conference, or other event that will cause hotel costs to increase above the per diem rate, what should we do?

A: Potus visits, summits, major conferences and other events can quickly make the "normal" published rate obsolete, even if only for a very short period of time. The simplest route is to ensure travelers are authorized "actual expenses" at up to 300% of the published per diem rate per 14 FAM 576.2-2 or FTR 301-11.303. Sometimes even that is not adequate. In such cases, Allowances can make a short term change to per diem rates. To do this, communicate early in the planning process with Allowances Team Supervisor covering your region. You'll need to start by providing the reason for a short term adjustment; later, you'll need to submit via eAllowances the special cost data in the timeline outlined in FAQ 3

6. Q: What if a location doesn't have a per diem rate but USG employees/contractors travel there?

A: If there are other sites where USG employees/contractors travel relatively frequently, but that are not listed in eAllowances as separate locations, the lead agency at the nearest post should collect and submit survey data for those locations. To determine lead agency go to Allowances by Location, select the applicable country and select "View" under Reporting Schedule. Until a per diem rate is established for that location you should utilize the per diem rate listed as "Other".