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Service Needs Differential


1. Q: What is the Service Need Differential (Alternatively, What is SND?)

2. Q: Which posts are designated as SND?


1. Q: What is the Service Need Differential?

A: As implemented at the Department of State, Service Need Differential (SND), or Difficult-to-Staff Incentive Differential (DTSID) is an additional 15% over basic compensation that is paid at the end of each year of the tour of duty of employees who agree to serve 3 years at one of the SND-identified posts. (Other agencies are free to make their own implementation within the scope of the SND section, DSSR 1000.) The head of an agency may grant a Difficult-to-Staff Incentive Differential to an employee assigned to a differential post upon a determination that especially adverse conditions of environment warrant additional pay as a recruitment and retention incentive to fill the employee's position at that post.  For more information, see DSSR 1000.  

2. Q: Which posts are designated as SND posts?

A: Each agency is responsible for establishing its own list of SND locations/positions. For the Department of State, a list of the posts currently designated as SND posts can be found on the Human Resources/Career Development (HR/CDA) intranet web site. It is updated each year prior to the bidding cycle. For other agencies, contact your Personnel Office.