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Department of State Standardized Regulations  - (Last updated 10/29/2006)





311 Definition


"Representation allowances" are allowances granted pursuant to Section 905 of the Foreign Service Act of 1980, or other acts providing allowances equal or similar to representation allowances provided for the Foreign Service under that section.  The allowances are for the purpose of furthering abroad the interests of the United States.


312 Scope


Representation allowances are intended to cover allowable items of expenditure by employees, including foreign national employees, whose official positions entail responsibility for establishing and maintaining relationships of value to the United States in foreign countries and by adult family members acting with or on behalf of these employees.  Upon submission of vouchers, reimbursement may be effected or payment may be made on behalf of such employees for allowable items of expenditure.  To the maximum extent practicable, use shall be made of American products, including American wine.